Basecamp Features and Help

Below, you’ll find a series of links to articles that explain the various features of your Edelweiss Analytics Basecamp subscription.

The State of the Collection Report Provides an objective assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your library’s collections, identifies specific areas to focus on, and enables you to track improvement over time.

Comparable Titles Selectors can see their own circulation history and more on each comparable title attached to titles listed in Edelweiss.

Homepage Analytics Widgets Analytics widgets you can add to your Edelweiss hompage be sure to keep your collection management and analysis tools right at the forefront of your work space.

The Green Bar, At-a-Glance Market Data See a quick Sales, On Order, and On Hand market percentage indicator on every title you see in Edelweiss.

Do We Have it? Checkmarks Indicators of whether or not a title is in your Collection

Viewing ILS Data See your ILS Data on any title you find anywhere in Edelweiss